Press ReleaseMarch 3, 2020

Job Creators Network to Run Ad Attacking “Public Option”

Ad Attacking Health Plan Promoted by Biden & Bloomberg Will Run on Fox Business Wednesday

Washington, D.C. (March 3, 2020)— On Wednesday, Job Creators Creators Network (JCN) will run an ad attacking the “public option,” the healthcare reform plan promoted by Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg (watch the ad here). The “public option” is merely a “Trojan Horse” for “single-payer” healthcare, according to the ad, which quotes former Rep. Barney Frank as saying, “If we can get a good ‘public option,’ it could lead to ‘single-payer,’ and that’s the best way to reach ‘single payer.'” The ad will run on Fox Business in the Washington, DC market, including on Mornings with Maria, Varney & Co., and Lou Dobbs Tonight

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, released the following statement:

“The Democrats can’t decide if they want immediate socialism under ‘single payer’ or gradual socialism under the ‘public option.’ But either choice is unacceptable to the American people, which, in poll after poll, say they overwhelmingly prefer capitalism over socialism.  The purpose of our ad is to show there is no real difference between the ‘public option’ and ‘single payer,’ even if the Democrats haven’t unified around that message yet.  Healthcare is one of the most important issues of the presidential campaign, and it’s never too soon to educate the American public about what’s at stake.”

To watch the ad, please click here.