Press ReleaseSeptember 11, 2023

Job Creators Network Supports Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act

Statement of Alfredo Ortiz, President & CEO, Job Creators Network in support of H.R. 1435, the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act””

“The Job Creators Network supports H.R. 1435, the “Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act.” In August 2022, the California Air Resources Board adopted a regulation that would require all light-duty vehicles sold to have zero emissions by 2035. But to push this mandate through, California needs EPA’s blessing. H.R. 1435 would preserve consumer choice when it comes to what vehicles they drive by preventing EPA from giving Clean Air Act waivers to states trying to ban or limit the sale of internal combustion engines. The research is in, and America’s small business owners overwhelmingly agree that consumer demand — not regulatory mandates — should drive any increase in the production of electric vehicles. Rather than try to force Americans to buy electric vehicles, which rely on minerals from countries like China, California and EPA should be working to unleash domestic energy production — the second pillar in JCN’s American Small Business Prosperity Plan. JCN urges the House of Representatives to pass this important legislation that protects consumer choice and the nearly 400,000 Americans who work in the automotive industry.”