Press ReleaseJuly 14, 2023

Job Creators Network Supports NDAA to Protect Supply Chains From China

In anticipation of the House of Representatives vote on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024, Job Creators Network President & CEO Alfredo Ortiz issued the following statement:

“A key pillar of Job Creators Network’s American Small Business Prosperity Plan urges Congress to get tough on China and unclog obstructed supply chains.  Key provisions in the NDAA would go a long way to doing just that by removing China as a source of many of the products integral to America’s security. Among other things, the bill would take steps to ensure that America is not relying on China for the raw materials and critical minerals it needs to protect our country; prohibit the government from buying goods made in Chinese-government-run labor camps and factories; and restrict U.S. military base exchanges and commissaries from selling certain Chinese products. We urge the House to pass this important legislation that is tough on China and would help reduce the supply chain problems that have been a big headache for America’s small businesses that are hurt most when supply chain disruptions occur.”