Press ReleaseJuly 15, 2021

Job Creators Network Supports Cuban Freedom Fighters

Warns that American Socialists and Cuban Regime Apologists Must Never Be Allowed to Take this Country in that Direction

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, released the following statement in response to the pro-freedom protests ongoing in Cuba:

The Job Creators Network supports the brave freedom fighters in Cuba who are risking their lives to speak out against a socialist regime that’s wholly responsible for the universal misery in the nation. Cuba’s failing political economy is a stark reminder that socialism takes, capitalism creates.

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans, including Job Creators Network member Enrique Padron, have escaped this communist country and found freedom in America, tremendously benefiting our nation and economy. Small businesses, the most potent economic force in America, creating two-thirds of new jobs, are illegal in Cuba. As a result, entrepreneurs cannot improve their standards of living or their communities. All residents work for the government, not themselves.

These protests demonstrate that the fire of economic and personal freedom burns in all humans and can’t be extinguished by big government. As Cuban-American entertainer Pitbull states, “This is about freedom.” Leading Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have long supported socialism and seemingly supported the Cuban regime. They must never be allowed to turn America in its economic direction.

The results of socialism are always the same. And to the extent a country is socialist, its population suffers. JCN hopes these protests will lead to free-market reforms that provide Cubans with economic and personal freedoms to improve their lives like so many of their brethren have done in America.