Press ReleaseMarch 20, 2020

Job Creators Network Statement on Trump’s Call with 12,000 Small Business Owners

Washington, D.C. (March 20, 2020)— Statement from Alfredo Ortiz, president, Job Creators Network after President Trump’s conference call with 12,000 small business owners. The President discussed provisions in the legislative package that will help small businesses navigate through the challenges presented by the coronavirus and lay the groundwork for Main Street recovery once the disease has passed. The White House reached out directly to JCN to help send the word out to hundreds of thousands of our members to join the call. The response was overwhelming as the call quickly reached maximum capacity.
“The President is resolute and determined to ensure small businesses – what he rightly calls the engine of the country – get the help we need to survive and then thrive. He discussed the proposed $300 billion in loans, the proposed payroll tax suspension until the end of the year and unemployment compensation for temporarily laid off workers. The President and congressional leaders are stepping up and it was very encouraging for our members to hear directly from him. He’s determined to solidify a platform from which small businesses can rise in a massive Main Street recovery.”