Press ReleaseMarch 11, 2024

Job Creators Network Signs Joint Letter Opposing Biden Administration’s Independent Contractor Rule

Job Creators Network signed a joint letter calling on Congress to repeal the Biden administration’s new independent contracting rule that is an attack on American small businesses. 

Read the letter here

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement:

“Congress should stand up for small businesses and ordinary Americans trying to make ends meet and repeal the Biden administration’s independent contractor rule that upends the American small business economy. The rule attacks the gig economy, penalizes independent contractors, and rewards labor unions. It implements a complicated new employment standard that forces some contractors who prefer flexibility and being their own boss to become employees or lose their job opportunities altogether. Understanding who is and is not an independent contractor will only be sorted out through lawsuits, leaving small business employers vulnerable to expensive litigation. Congress can fight back against this Biden administration war on small businesses.”