Press ReleaseMarch 25, 2021


Today, the Job Creators Network (JCN) sent a letter to Democrat leaders in Congress urging them to oppose a tax increase on small businesses – as the Biden Administration is planning to do, according to media reports. To read JCN’s letter, click here.

“During the 2020 campaign, then-candidate Joe Biden campaigned on the backs of small businesses saying, ‘they are critical to our collective success as a nation,” Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, wrote in the letter. “Now, we are hearing reports that President Biden is prepared to enact the largest federal tax hike in a generation…This includes raising taxes on small businesses by 33 percent… Covid already taxed us enough, and we cannot afford to be taxed anymore.”

JCN’s letter was sent to Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Wyden of the Senate Finance Committee, Chairman Neal of the House Ways and Means Committee, Chairman Cardin of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, and Chairwoman Velazquez of the House Small Business Committee. Their Republican counterparts were CC’d.

The letter continues, “President Biden and his allies in Congress should recognize the importance and value of the Trump tax cuts and let them continue…From 2017 until the Covid pandemic started in early 2020, America’s economy was firing on all cylinders. The unemployment rate hit a half-century low and wages were rising at the fastest rate in decades, especially for blue-collar and low-income workers.  This was a direct result of the Trump tax cuts… We urge you to work with Republicans in Congress on a fair tax plan that builds on the success of the Trump tax cuts and protects small businesses.”

This week, JCN erected a billboard in the heart of Times Square calling out President Biden for tax increases that are being prepared by his administration. The billboard reads, “Biden wants to raise taxes on small businesses?” and continues, “HELL NO! NOT ON OUR WATCH!” The adjoining side of the ad says “WTF?!” and directs readers to—a website dedicated to tracking the number of jobs Biden policies have put at risk.

View the billboard here.