Press ReleaseMay 31, 2024

Job Creators Network Responds to April PCE Inflation Numbers

Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement in response to the April PCE Index, which increased by 2.7%, and Core PCE, which increased by 2.8%: 

“Inflation remains stubbornly elevated, continuing the cost-of-living crisis facing ordinary Americans and small businesses. This consumer stress is reflected by the Personal Savings Rate, which remains mired at a historic low of 3.6%, indicating that Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck in the Biden economy. Today’s price increases are compounding on a much higher base, meaning consumers face major sticker shock on everyday items, further reducing their living standards and savings.”

“Ongoing high inflation means the Federal Reserve will have to continue holding off on rate cuts, exacerbating the small business credit crunch. Unaffordable prices are a direct result of Democrats’ bad policies, including reckless spending and anti-energy regulations. Voters wanting to finally bring prices under control and increase their savings must choose conservative candidates on Election Day.”