Press ReleaseJune 18, 2018

Job Creators Network Releases Scorecard on Small Business Votes

Everybody in Washington talks a good game, but do their votes match the rhetoric?

Washington, DC (June 18, 2018) – Fifty senators and 230 House members earned passing scores on the 2018 Job Creators Network (JCN) mid-year Scorecard, released today.

“The JCN scorecard is a valuable resource for voters and the media because it allows everyone to see whether politicians who claim to support small business are actually supporting small business,” said JCN President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz.

In the Senate, 50 members (49 Republicans and 1 Democrat), earned a passing score of 70 percent or higher. Nineteen members notched a perfect 100 percent, including Doug Jones of Alabama, the only Democrat with a passing score. Thirty-five senators scored higher than 90 percent.

In the House, 230 members passed with a 70 percent or higher, with 66 members maintaining a perfect score.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said Ortiz. “The only way to know whether members genuinely support small business is to examine their voting records. We’re grateful to the members who voted consistently with small business on the key issues.”

In both houses, members were assessed based on how they voted on legislation most important to small businesses. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was easily the most important issue this term, and therefore weighted more heavily.

“That was the largest tax cut in history and the most important pro-growth initiative in a generation,” said Ortiz. “It was a big opportunity for our representatives in Washington to really help small business. A lot of them came through, but a lot of them blew their chance. That’s regrettable.”

JCN will issue another score card at the end of the session.