Press ReleaseMay 10, 2020

Job Creators Network Recognizes “National Small Business Day,” Applauds Small Business Owners & Employees Who Are Sacrificing During Pandemic

Washington, D.C. (May 10, 2020) — Today is “National Small Business Day,” an annual recognition of America’s small business community.

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, released the following statement:

“Every year, during National Small Business Day, we as a country recognize the 30 million small businesses and the 60 million workers who make up the small business community. This year has been a challenging one, with the coronavirus outbreak and government-imposed lockdowns putting an incredible strain on our community. However, we are determined to overcome this black swan event, knowing that the fundamentals of our economy – fueled by the President’s pro-growth policies – remain strong. The Payroll Protection Program (PPP), in particular, is helping our community, and we appreciate how Congress and the President came together in a bipartisan way to enact it. More needs to be done, however. We are calling on Congress to pass a targeted and temporary small business payroll tax suspension through the end of this year. Small businesses remain the preeminent symbol of the American Dream and on National Small Business Day let’s rededicate ourselves to making sure they are equipped to survive this crisis and lead our recovery.”

These JCN members have penned op-eds to support the PPP and the Administration’s relief efforts:

Dr. Chris Stansbury, co-founder of West Virginia Eye Consultants: “As a small business owner in West Virginia, I have prepared for many different scenarios, but the coronavirus has left me feeling overwhelmed – not only for the future of my business but for my employees as well…Thankfully, the Paycheck Protection Program provides businesses with needed cash and, more importantly, helps us retain our workers…Targeted loan forgiveness for payroll expenses is a concrete example of President Trump fighting for American workers” (Townhall op-ed).

Kalena Bruce, co-founder of Integrity Squared CPA’s: “I’m grateful that, because of the Paycheck Protection Program, the accounting firm, ranching, and tourism businesses we’ve spent blood, sweat, and tears building won’t be swallowed up. I’m also grateful that my employees won’t lose as much ground building their wealth and planning for their families’ future as they otherwise would if this program didn’t exist”(CNS News op-ed).

Rick Pogue, owner of Arrowhead Building Supply: “My business applied for a forgivable loan immediately following the program’s launch—and was notified the next business day that we were approved for funding…The ease and speed of the process is a testament to the PPP’s architects; supplying billions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country is nothing short of a herculean task” (Breitbart op-ed).

Craig Etkin, CEO of intelligence360: “I am thankful Congress and the president are showing such a strong commitment to Main Street businesses and their workers. These companies are the engine of our economy, and it is heartening to see we haven’t been forgotten in our hour of need” (Inside Sources op-ed).

Corina Morga, president and owner of C.R. Construction Services: “The administration’s dedication to small businesses during this pandemic is not just a fight for brick-and-mortar businesses — it’s a fight for the blood, sweat, and tears of 47% of the domestic workforce. Blue-collar businesses and small businesses alike are the bread and butter of our communities, and their health reflects the well-being of our country” (Washington Examiner op-ed).