Press ReleaseNovember 12, 2020

Job Creators Network Reacts to Weekly Unemployment Claims Report

“Georgia is on Our Minds”

Washington, DC (November 12, 2020) — New data released by the Department of Labor reveals the number of first-time unemployment claims was 709,000 last week.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN)released the following statement:

“We are continuing to move in the right direction after a historic GDP report and a blockbuster jobs report. President Trump’s pro-growth policies and commitment to safely reopen society are clearly paying dividends. We should see even further gains, now that Pfizer has created a vaccine that is more than 90 percent effective against COVID-19.  America is coming back strong, but all that progress is threatened by the prospect of a Biden presidency.  If Biden survives the President’s legal challenges and is joined by a Democratic Congress, it will stop America’s recovery in its tracks.  That’s why Georgia’s two Senate races are so important.  If the Democrats win those races, they will control the Senate and enact a radical, left-wing agenda. JCN, which has roots in Georgia, will be educating and motivating Georgia voters about the implications of a Democratic Senate. The stakes are incredibly high, and we’re going to be doing our part.  We also need a new stimulus bill with an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program. Leader McConnell has been working diligently to renew the PPP but he needs the Democrats to negotiate in good faith. This is the perfect time to get it done. The Democrats have no more excuses.”