Press ReleaseNovember 14, 2019

Job Creators Network Reacts to Strong Walmart Earnings Report

Washington, DC (November 14, 2019) – Today, Walmart announced stronger-than-expected third quarter earnings of 3.2 percent, fueled by a 41 percent boom in online sales.  

Job Creators Network President Alfredo Ortiz released the following statement:

“Today’s favorable earnings report from Walmart is just another indication of the continued strong economy under President Trump. It follows a great October jobs report and record-high stock market levels. The unemployment rate continues to hover near a half-century low, with record lows for minorities, while wages keep growing at 3 percent or more month after month. Walmart is a consumer bellwether, and its positive earnings and higher outlook demonstrate the ongoing health of the U.S. consumer. As much as Democrats want to wish the country into a recession for partisan purposes, the American economy remains resilient thanks to President Trump’s policies such as tax cuts that are putting more money in consumers’ pockets.”