Press ReleaseJune 14, 2022

Job Creators Network Reacts to Biden’s Deranged Economy Question

Washington, DC (June 14, 2022)— President Biden just asked, “Do you remember what the economy was like when I took office?”

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), released the following statement: 

“The economy was a lot better off before President Biden took office, and Biden himself knows it.  When Biden took office, the economy was surging, thanks to the previous administration’s Operation Warp Speed. The economy was poised to return to its pre-pandemic prosperity with virtually no inflation.  But Biden insisted on following a left-wing agenda: record spending, restricting domestic energy production, unemployment bonuses that caused a national worker shortage, and threatening small businesses with a record tax hike.  The result?  The worst inflation in four decades, $5 gas, and we’re still one million jobs short of our pre-pandemic peak.  Joe, we remember what it was like a year a half ago.  The question is, do you remember?”