Press ReleaseJune 17, 2021

Job Creators Network President Demands Stacey Abrams Apologize to State of Georgia for Bashing their Voting Laws Following Her Support of Sen. Manchin’s Version of S.1. Voting Law Changes

Washington, D.C. (June 17, 2021)- In a recent interview Stacey Abrams said she would “absolutely” support Sen. Manchin’s voting rights compromise, his own version of S.1, calling it “basic building blocks that we need to ensure that democracy is accessible.” Abrams was vocally against changes in Georgia’s election reform laws which required voter ID (which could include a bank statement, utility bill, or alternative ID), expanded no-excuse absentee voting, included 19 days of early voting, and mandated absentee dropboxes (used in an emergency situation in 2020) in all future elections. In regards to voting, among other changes Manchin’s version of S.1. would require voter ID while allowing alternatives like GA, includes 15 consecutive days of early voting, and requires states to send absentee by mail ballots to voters who are unable to vote early or in person on election day.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), released the following statement:

“When Georgia passed their election reform laws, that increased access to voting while helping secure the ballot box, Stacey Abrams was one of the louder voices to spew the lefts false rhetoric calling the law “racist” and “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.” The lies put forward by political activists like Abrams about Georgia’s voting laws helped pushed the MLB to move their All-Star Game, costing Atlanta and Cobb County $100 million.

Some people might think it’s shocking for Abrams to show support for Manchin’s version of S.1. since the changes to voting rights in it mirror many parts of GA’s election reform laws, but quite frankly I think it’s unsurprising. We all knew the changes to GA’s voting laws made it easy to vote and hard to cheat, yet the left politicized it as racist and exclusionary despite a majority of Georgians supporting it.

Abram’s support for Manchin’s version of S.1. makes it clear that her motives for bashing Georgia as racist for securing and expanding their voting system were uncalled for, harmful, and tangibly damaging to the state. We demand that Stacey Abrams apologize to Atlanta, Cobb County and all of Georgia for her part in spreading lies about election reform laws that helped drive the All-Star Game and it’s $100 million in estimated revenue out of the state.”