Press ReleaseJuly 19, 2019

Job Creators Network Praises Ivanka Trump Ahead of “Pledge to America’s Workers” Trip

Washington, DC (July 19,2019) – Over the next few weeks, Ivanka Trump will be making several trips to promote workforce development and to address the “skills gap.” On Monday, Ms. Trump will visit Lockheed Martin in Colorado. Today, she will be at the Hy-Vee training center in Iowa. Job Creators Network (JCN) has launched the “Fight for 50” campaign to fight for careers that pay $50,000 or more – not through government intervention such as a $15 minimum wage, but through better workforce development.

Elaine Parker, JCN Chief Communications Officer, released the following statement.

Thanks to President Trump’s pro-growth policies, we are experiencing the best economy in 50 years.  But to keep that momentum going, we need to address the “skills gap” head on.  There are seven million employment opportunities waiting to be filled in the U.S., and small business owners agree workforce development is the key to filling those positions with quality candidates. The “Pledge to America’s Workers” – led by Ivanka Trump – is an outstanding program to address this growing issue, recruiting employers to commit to promoting employee education and training. To-date, more than 280 businesses have pledged nearly 10 million job opportunities, thanks to Ms. Trump’s inspired leadership. 

JCN is doing its part through the “Fight for 50” Campaign to fight for careers that pay $50,000 or more. With the House passing a job-killing $15 minimum wage just yesterday, private-sector-led initiatives like ours are even more important. We encourage everyone to visit to learn more and join our campaign.

On Wednesday, TownHall published Ms. Parker’s op-ed, Labor Market Problems Lurk Beneath the Strong Economy, praising the “Pledge to America’s Workers.” To read her op-ed, click here.

On May 29, the JCN Women’s Coalition hosted a roundtable discussion in Denver, Colorado on the state of the economy, including workforce development. Michelle Christian, Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration, participated in the roundtable, which was moderated by Heidi Ganahl, entrepreneur and founder of SheFactor. Job creator panelists shared their perspective on key economic issues, including innovation, regulation, and access to capital.