Press ReleaseMarch 29, 2021

Job Creators Network Places 3-in-1 Billboard in Times Square Slamming Biden on Job Loss, Tax Hikes and Failure to Reopen Schools

Washington, DC (March 29, 2021) — Today, the Job Creators Network, the leading small business advocacy group, has placed a 3-in-1 digital billboard in the heart of New York City’s Times Square highlighting three areas President Biden inadequately addressed or ignored in his first press conference last week. The billboard cycles through three designs covering job loss, tax hikes and schools reopening. See the image below for all three designs. The websites the billboards promote are and

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN)released the following statement:

“We couldn’t fit all of Biden’s monumental failings on one billboard, so we’re going with three. Biden has declared war on small business and we’re calling him out. The small business community has suffered enough from the pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions and guidelines that have radically changed the way they do business, and now as a reward for all their hard work and perseverance, Biden wants to hit them with a 33% increase in taxes? You can find JCN’s response to that in Times Square, “HELL NO! NOT ON OUR WATCH!” President Trump’s tax cuts gave small businesses more money to invest in their employees, businesses and communities. Biden wants to get rid of those tax cuts, taking money out of job creators’ pockets to help fund his left-wing agenda. Liberal media outlets might let Biden off the hook, but JCN won’t. The small business community creates two out of every three new jobs, Biden’s attack on them isn’t just bad for business, it’s bad for America.”