Press ReleaseFebruary 25, 2020

Job Creators Network on Debate: Big Dem Clash on Healthcare Ignores What Voters Say They Want Most

Washington, DC (February 25, 2020) – Tonight, CBS News hosted a debate between seven Democrats running for President.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCNreleased the following statement.

“Tonight’s debate was even feistier than the last one.  You can tell there was no love lost between the candidates, with clashes over policy and personality dominating as we move through the primary calendar.  The most significant clash was over healthcare, with Democrats unsure whether they want an immediate government takeover through ‘Medicare for All’ or a gradual takeover with the ‘public option.’ But what I found most interesting is that as the Democrats debated the pros and cons, they never brought up the single most important issue that voters told us in our extensive healthcare research: repairing, restoring, and improving the patient-doctor relationship. More than anything else, voters do not want the government coming between them and their doctor, which is inevitable under any of the Democrats’ proposals.  The JCN Foundation’s ‘Healthcare for You‘ framework prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship and empowers Americans to tailor their healthcare to their unique needs, making healthcare and coverage personalized not centralized.”