Press ReleaseJanuary 21, 2015

Job Creators Network Launches Print and Television Ad Campaign to Preserve Franchise System in Face of NLRB Attack

Ads in Wall Street Journal, Commercials on Cable News Networks, and Petition on Website Call on Government to Defend Main Street

ATLANTA, GA – Today, the Job Creators Network (JCN) is launching a national print and television ad campaign to defend the franchise system that is under threat by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB’s General Counsel has pushed for franchisors to be considered “joint employers” with their franchisees, a major shift in labor law that will drive up the costs of purchasing a franchise and choke off opportunity for tens of thousands of new small business owners.

JCN is placing full page ads in today’s Roll Call and the Washington edition of the Wall Street Journal highlighting the negative impact this ruling will have on small businesses, especially minority-owned ones, which make up one in five franchises. The ad features Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, a leading pet care franchise, and is headlined: “Shouldn’t Government Support Small Business?”

View the ad here.

JCN is also running television commercials today and tomorrow on the morning shows of all four cable news channels — CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC — showcasing how this ruling threatens a well-traveled path to the American Dream for millions of entrepreneurs. The commercial, also featuring Ganahl, highlights how “these changes especially affect hardworking women and minority business owners.”

Watch the commercial here.

Finally, JCN is launching a new petition on its website — — calling on small business owners and citizens to “Pledge to Defend Main Street” and “Let the NLRB Know: This is Unacceptable.”

View the petition and a short video that explains the NLRB decision here.

“Unelected bureaucrats at the NLRB are trying to turn one of the most successful business models in history — the franchise system — on its head,” said Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of the Job Creators Network. “Instead of threatening a proven way for minorities and others to start their own business, the government should be supporting policies that stimulate and encourage job creation”.

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