Press ReleaseApril 12, 2022

Job Creators Network Launches 7-Figure “Great Opportunity Project” to Promote State Success with Free-Market Policies & Nationalize Their Impact

Washington, DC (April 12, 2022) — Today, Job Creators Network (JCN) is launching its seven-figure “Great Opportunity Project” to promote the successful state policies that have led to prosperity even in the face of challenges from bad federal government policy. By highlighting the underappreciated success of good state-level policies, the “Great Opportunity Project” will shape the broader national debate about economic policy. Georgia, South Dakota, and Arizona will be featured in the campaign and additional states will be added as the campaign continues through November 2022.

The “Great Opportunity Project” will include a national TV and radio ad campaign, several mini-documentaries, billboards, and events with elected officials and small business owners.  To learn more, go to

Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, released the following statement:  

“The economy is the number one issue facing the American people, according to survey after survey. The Great Opportunity Project will fill a critical gap in the debate over economic policy by drawing much-needed attention to the success several states have achieved by enacting free-market policies. In contrast to the failed liberal policies being pushed in Washington, DC, many states have achieved impressive growth by empowering small business owners and the private sector. The Great Opportunity Project will put a microphone in front of the leaders who enacted those policies and the small business owners who are benefiting from them.  Our goal is to change the broader national debate over the economy.  It’s not good enough to be against something, we have to be for something.  Our campaign will rally people around a positive, constructive agenda for national prosperity.”

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona released the following statement:

“The only way we grow as a country is by providing opportunity for all Americans. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are critical to a growing economy. As a former CEO myself, I know what attracts talent–and what allows businesses to scale. Governors don’t create jobs–we make the environment to help innovators and entrepreneurs create them.”

Today, RealClearPolitics published Mr. Ortiz’s op-ed, ‘Great Opportunity Project’ Spreads Best State Economic Policies Nationwide.  To read it, click here.

The script for the national radio campaign is below:

National Tax Day is April 18, and couldn’t come at a worse time for Americans struggling to make ends meet. And small business owners trying to keep their doors open. Congress and the Biden Administration are making a bad situation – one they created – worse.   

But there’s good news from the states. Many governors – most from red states – have enacted policy reforms that have helped small businesses, their employees, and local economies grow.    

Our friends at Job Creators Network have launched the Great Opportunity Project to shine a light on these state wins. While states lowered taxes and regulations – and prospered, the Biden Administration is proposing $2.5 trillion of tax increases on hardworking small business owners and ordinary Americans.  These tax hikes would cancel the real progress in those states. And the rest of the country, too..  

Your representatives in DC need to hear from you. Go to and sign a petition  telling them not to raise taxes and make President Trump’s tax cuts permanent.  

Go to NOW.