Press ReleaseOctober 3, 2019

Job Creators Network Foundation Praises Trump Executive Order to Protect Medicare, Oppose Medicare for All

Washington, DC (October 3, 2019) – Today, President Trump is signing an executive order to bolster Medicare Advantage and make it harder for Democrats to impose “Medicare for All,” a socialist plan that would force almost 200 million Americans to lose their private health insurance.

Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF) released the following statement.

“The Trump Administration is taking the right approach to healthcare, using executive power to protect Medicare, a program that would be gutted if 270 million Americans were forced on it. ‘Medicare for All’ is a government takeover that would worsen all the problems of Obamacare and destroy the doctor-patient relationship. The American people deserve a personalized healthcare plan that has the input of the American people, puts patients first, expands choice, and lowers costs – the exact opposite of what Democrats want to do. The Democrats’ far-left agenda on healthcare needs to be opposed and today’s executive order is an important step in doing that.”