Press ReleaseFebruary 14, 2020

Job Creators Network Foundation Affirms Ivanka Trump’s Statement, “Women are Thriving” in the Trump Economy

“Absolutely True,” “Our Members Know It”

Washington, D.C. (February 14, 2020)— This week, Ivanka Trump told CNBC that “women are thriving like never before” thanks to President Trump’s economic leadership. 

Job Creators Network Foundation President Elaine Parker released the following statement:

“What Ivanka Trump said is absolutely true. Our members know it because we are at the frontlines of the President’s economic policies.  Just this week, Square/Gallup released a survey showing that 69 percent of small business owners say they benefited from the President’s tax reform law.  Other pro-growth policies, including regulatory reform, are making a similar impact.  Women are overwhelmingly the biggest winners, with 72 percent of new jobs in 2019 going to women.  The unemployment rate for women fell to 3.4% under President Trump, the lowest figure in almost 70 years.  Huge gains in the stock market are making it easier for moms to save and invest in their children’s education.  Unquestionably, the Trump Administration’s economic policies are pro-women and the record speaks for itself.”