Press ReleaseJuly 27, 2015

Job Creators Network forms strong alliance with Georgia Chamber of Commerce

(ATLANTA) – Georgia-based Job Creators Network and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce have agreed to a partnership that will help bring JCN’s Employer-to-Employee (E2E) education program into the workplaces of the Georgia Chamber’s members. In addition, JCN President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz has joined the Georgia Chamber’s Board of Directors. “An informed workforce is essential for business growth and economic stability. The Georgia Chamber is excited to partner with Job Creators Network by helping our members empower their employees,” said Chris Clark, Georgia Chamber President and CEO. “The tools and educational materials provided by Job

Creators Network strengthens our advocacy efforts on behalf of Georgia’s business community at all levels.” JCN’s Employer-to-Employee education program teaching tools help entrepreneurs and CEOs to provide basic economic lessons to their employees. JCN’s lively videos, essays and other materials connect the dots, showing how government policy toward business directly impacts the prosperity of everyone working for those businesses. These lessons and teaching tools will be regularly distributed to members of the Georgia Chamber through the organization’s website, newsletters and social media.

“When a new government policy is going to help or harm a workplace, the employee deserve to know what the employer knows,” said Alfredo Ortiz. “It takes a strong and effective business organization to recognize this form of worker empowerment as a crucial next step in the defense of free enterprise, and we are delighted by our membership in the Georgia Chamber of Commerce – one of the nation’s very best.”