Press ReleaseJune 27, 2019

Job Creators Network: Democratic Candidates Give Wrong Answer to What Women Want

Washington, DC (June 27, 2019) – During Wednesday night’s debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren claimed, “when you have an economy that does great for those with money and isn’t doing great for everyone else, that is corruption, pure and simple.”  Other Democrats pounced with a similar message.

Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer of the Job Creators Network (JCNreleased the following statement.

Elizabeth Warren has been spending too much time in Washington and not enough time with job creators and their employees.  Our economy isn’t “corrupt.”  In fact, we’re seeing more opportunity than ever, with women leading the charge.  Thanks to President Trump’s pro-growth policies, it’s women, not men, who are opening more small businesses.  The unemployment rate among women is at an all-time low.  Women have an important story to tell when it comes to our economy, and it’s a shame Warren and her Democratic colleagues have no interest in hearing it.

During Thursday’s debate, JCN will air a uniquely powerful TV ad featuring a survivor of socialism: Dina Rubio, a Florida small business owner and JCN member who fled socialist Nicaragua during the 1980’s and is now deeply concerned about the Democrats’ socialist agenda. The 60-second ad gives a personal touch and will run in Miami on Telemundo and in Washington, DC on MSNBC during the debate. To watch the ad, click here.