Press ReleaseJune 29, 2022

Job Creators Network Congratulates Heidi Ganahl on Winning the Republican Primary in Colorado’s Race for Governor

Small Business Entrepreneur and Former Executive Chair of the JCN Board of Directors Now Faces Jared Polis in the General Election

Washington, DC (June 29, 2022): Former Executive Chairperson of the Job Creators Network Board of Directors, Heidi Ganahl won the Republican nomination for Governor of Colorado yesterday. JCN congratulates this staunch defender of the free-market and a successful small business entrepreneur.

In response, Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network issued this statement:

“Heidi has been a friend to the Job Creators Network and to small business entrepreneurs everywhere. Heidi has been responsible for creating thousands of jobs, and given countless people the opportunity to start their own small businesses. Through the years I have watched Heidi dedicate huge amounts of time and resources to defending and promoting policies that make it easier for people to start businesses, create jobs, and grow success. The Job Creators Network family wishes Heidi victory in the general election.”