Press ReleaseFebruary 11, 2020

Job Creators Network Concludes “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” New Hampshire Bus Tour

JCN bracketed Trump & Dem candidates with message of “Socialism Takes, Capitalism Creates”

Manchester, NH – (February 11, 2020)—  The Job Creators Network (JCN), led by Chief Communications Officer Elaine Parker is concluding their “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” bus tour, in which JCN crisscrossed New Hampshire ahead of the state’s primary, following several presidential candidates and spreading the message of “Socialism takes, Capitalism creates.” For five days, Ms. Parker and JCN bracketed President Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg, while touting the benefits of capitalism and discussing the great success the economy has been experiencing under the Trump Administration’s economic policies. Ms. Parker also co-hosted the John Fredericks Radio Show live from the JCN bus.

With the New Hampshire polls scheduled to close at 8:00 pm ET tonight, Ms. Parker released the following statement:

“When John and I started our bus tour – first in Iowa, then in New Hampshire – our goal was to spark a dialogue about ‘socialism versus capitalism’ in the first two states of the 2020 nomination battle.  As President Trump said during this month’s State of the Union, ‘socialism destroys nations” – a true statement that makes the battle of ideas in Iowa and New Hampshire so important.  For example, this week, Tom Steyer said he would triple the minimum wage to $22 per hour – a terrible proposal that would turn our labor shortage into a crisis.  We need to closely examine and discuss all these ideas to keep America prosperous. John and I have enjoyed being a part of this growing discussion, receiving a warm welcome everywhere we went, from Manchester to Dover to Rochester, and all the places in between. It’s been an amazing experience, and we look forward to keeping the conversation going!”