Press ReleaseDecember 11, 2018

Job Creators Network Cheers Senate Action on Criminal Justice Reform

Washington, DC (December 11, 2018) – The Job Creators Network today released the following statement on behalf of President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz in response to news that the Senate could vote as soon as this week on a bill to reform the criminal justice system:

“This is very good news for employers. The First Step Act invests heavily in job training programs so people who leave the system can enter the workforce and contribute to the economy. That’s important, because one of the biggest problems for small business owners is a severe shortage of qualified workers.

“It’s also good news for taxpayers. It costs a lot of money to warehouse people who are not a danger to society. Under this bill, we’ll be able to move them out of the system and into jobs, so they can pay taxes and contribute to society.

“We would like to thank Senate Majority Leader McConnell for building support for the measure, and we would urge a strong bipartisan vote as soon as possible.”

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