Press ReleaseOctober 20, 2022

Job Creators Network Bus Tour Hits Atlanta, Joins Salem Media’s Midterm Battleground Talkers Tour

Atlanta, GA (October 20, 2022) – On Tuesday, the Job Creators Network (JCN) continued its Great Opportunity Project bus tour in Atlanta, Georgia. They participated in Salem Media Group’s Midterm Battleground Talkers Tour, which features Salem Radio hosts Mike Gallagher, Sebastian Gorka, and Dennis Prager. Special guest Senator Ted Cruz attended the Atlanta event. Covering multiple states this month, JCN’s Great Opportunity Project bus tour consists of events with Members of Congress and local small business leaders and is part of JCN’s seven-figure Great Opportunity Project campaign. The bus is heading to Scottsdale, Arizona for an event on Sunday, October 23.

Please see below for pictures from the Atlanta event.

Please click here for the current JCN bus tour schedule. 

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement:    

“Momentum is building for pro-growth economic policies, as the Biden Administration can no longer contain the damage from two years of record spending, higher taxes, and burdensome regulations.  There is a deep hunger for change, empowering our small business community and unleashing the power of the free market.  Job Creators Network is leading the charge, hitting multiple states this month on our ‘Great Opportunity Project’ bus tour. The Atlanta event was fantastic, and we’re excited for more great events to come.”