Press ReleaseSeptember 16, 2021

Job Creators Network Announces Plans to Sue Biden Administration Over Vaccine Mandate on Small Businesses

Newly Created Legal Action Fund will support the action

Washington, DC (September 16, 2021) – Today, Job Creators Network announced its intent to sue the Biden Administration to block the implementation of its vaccine mandate on small businesses. JCN is filing this lawsuit together with some of its small business members.  The lawsuit will be supported by the newly created Job Creators Network Foundation’s Legal Action Fund.  The Legal Action Fund has been set up to defend small businesses from attacks that hurt their ability to succeed. 

Alfredo Ortiz, CEO and President, Job Creators Network, released the following statement:  

“President Biden’s vaccine mandate on small businesses is unconstitutional and a dramatic overreach of federal authority. To hold the Biden Administration accountable and stand up for small businesses, Job Creators Network plans to file a lawsuit to block the implementation of this order. We are filing this lawsuit with JCN small business members and it will be supported by Job Creators Network Foundation’s newly created Legal Action Fund.” 

“Small businesses are already contending with a historic labor shortage and this order will add expensive new barriers to finding and keeping employees, causing significant harm at the worst possible time. The federal government doesn’t have the power to require small businesses to carry out its de facto national vaccine mandate. JCN’s lawsuit intends to block this federal power grab.”   

Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation, released the following statement on the creation of the JCNF Legal Action Fund: 

“The launch of the JCNF Legal Action Fund marks the addition of another valuable ally on the side of small businesses. The JCNF Legal Action Fund will defend small businesses from attacks that hurt their ability to succeed. This strong defense is especially needed now as governments continue to expand their attacks on small businesses. President Biden’s small business vaccine mandate is a great example where the JCNF Legal Action Fund can make a meaningful difference in successfully defending small businesses.”

Alfredo Ortiz has an op-ed in Fox Business opposing Biden’s vaccine mandate. Read it here.