Press ReleaseOctober 12, 2020

Job Creators Network and Member Physician React to Nomination Hearing

Washington, D.C. (October 12, 2020)—Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee begins four days of confirmation hearings after President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. Some committee members have used their time to discuss the Affordable Care Act—a law that will once again be considered by the Supreme Court following the November election.

Leading up to the decision, President Trump unveiled the America First Healthcare Plan, a set of reform policies that closely mirror the Job Creators Network Foundation’s Healthcare for You framework.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network:

“It’s puzzling how some lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee are using a Supreme Court nomination hearing as a platform to promote the Affordable Care Act—a law that has strangled the patient-doctor relationship with red tape, ballooned costs and limited choice. Rather than continuing to protect a law that has failed to live-up to its promised benefits, policymakers should focus on reform that provides all Americans, regardless of preexisting conditions, with the personalized healthcare they deserve. President Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan can help guide the effort.”

Dr. Chad Savage, founder of YourChoice Direct Care in Michigan and a member of the Job Creators Network:

“The Affordable Care Act has left healthcare in America lacking. Costs have skyrocketed, while choice has declined. Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules after the election, healthcare reform that lowers costs, expands choice and provides better quality care to all Americans needs to be a priority. The status quo simply isn’t working.”