Press ReleaseJanuary 30, 2018

Job Creators Cheer Econ Agenda Outlined in SoTU Address

Lower Taxes, Fewer Regulations: Music to the Ears of American Job Creators

Washington, D.C. (January 30, 2018) – A breath of fresh air. That’s the way American Job Creators see President Trump’s economic agenda, which he outlined this evening in his first State of the Union Address.

“American business owners have waited almost a decade to hear a State of the Union Address like this one,” said Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz. “The President focused heavily on cutting taxes, reducing regulations, and promoting American free enterprise. It was music to our ears.”

JCN last week released a nationwide survey showing that more than two thirds of business owners favor the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which the President promised as a candidate and signed into law just before the end of last year. It was the most significant tax reform measure in more than 30 years.

“This was the centerpiece of the President’s agenda as a candidate. It was the biggest achievement of his first term. Most importantly, it’s what the American people voted for,” said Ortiz. “Small business owners are among the biggest beneficiaries, and they are going to invest in new jobs, higher wages, new equipment, better technology, and all of the things that create economic growth.”

President Trump also touted his efforts to deregulate American industry, a focus that Ortiz said receives too little notice.

“The cost of complying with regulations affects small businesses disproportionately,” he said. “President Trump has done more in one year to relieve the regulatory burden on small businesses than any president in memory.”