Press ReleaseSeptember 27, 2022

JCN: Teachers Unions Desperately Try to Roll Back Arizona Parents’ New Rights to School Choice

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement regarding an Arizona ballot measure to roll back Gov. Ducey’s education savings accounts:

“Teachers unions are desperately trying to roll back Arizona parents’ new rights to school choice by funding a ballot measure that may put Arizona’s first-in-the-nation universal education savings accounts on hold until the program can be voted on in 2024. These new Empowerment Scholarship Accounts provide parents with $7,000 in funds to put toward the education that works best for their children. This reform provides families with an escape hatch from failing neighborhood schools. 

“Instead of trying to improve the education at these schools, teachers unions are attempting to close this hatch just as the program was set to begin and keep students trapped. This effort is a cynical power grab and the latest instance of unions putting students last. Job Creators Network supports bringing market competition to the education space that desperately needs it and encourages other governors around the country to follow Gov. Ducey’s lead.”