Press ReleaseOctober 5, 2021


Today, President Biden delivered a speech in Michigan advocating for a pair of spending bills that will spend at least $4.5 trillion.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), released the following statement:

“In his speech, President Biden said ‘I am capitalist’ and that ‘everything’ in his two spending bills is ‘paid for’ because he’s making the wealthy ‘pay their fair share.’  None of this is true.  If President Biden wants to understand capitalism, he should talk to our small business owners.  They will tell him punishing success is not a recipe for success. Raising taxes on small businesses – as the President proposes – will hurt our economy and destroy millions of jobs.  And no, his spending bills are not paid for.  They will increase the debt by trillions.  The Biden spending spree has already caused inflation to skyrocket to its highest level in decades. Adding trillions in new spending and debt will cause inflation to rise even more.  That impacts our entire small business community – essentially giving our workers a pay cut; call it the ‘Biden pay cut.’ Biden is failing on all aspects of our economy, and that’s why JCN is on the road with our Bring Small Businesses Back Bus Tour. Tomorrow, we will be in Columbia, South Carolina – our sixth stop in eight states – to push back on the Administration’s ‘War on Small Business.’ We will continue pushing hard to support the engine of America’s recovery: our small business community.”

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