Press ReleaseSeptember 9, 2021


The Department of Labor revealed the number of first-time unemployment claims was 310,000 last week.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), released the following statement:

“Today’s report is just the latest evidence that President Biden’s policies are failing.  The good news is, future reports are likely to be better because of the recent expiring of Biden’s overly-generous unemployment benefits. Goldman Sachs is projecting that the expiration of those benefits will account for 1.5 million job gains through the end of this year. However, we shouldn’t assume Biden and the Democrats will give up on those benefits so easily. They reversed course on the evictions moratorium – extending the moratorium, after promising not to – and they might reverse course on the unemployment benefits.”

On Wednesday, JCN re-launched its national Bring Small Businesses Back (BSBB) Bus Tour with an event in Bedford, Texas. Covering at least eight states over four weeks, the BSBB bus tour consists of events with Members of Congress and local small business leaders and is part of JCN’s seven-figure BSBB campaign. To see photos of the bus and the full bus tour schedule, click here.

Last week, published Mr. Ortiz’s op-ed, Dems’ $3.5T budget bill would hook our kids on government handouts, wreck our small businesses. To read it, click here.