Press ReleaseApril 29, 2021

Biden’s 100 Day Victory Lap Can’t Hide His War on Small Businesses

Washington — This evening, President Biden is attending a drive-in car rally in metro Atlanta to mark his 100th day in office. Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, released the following statement:

While President Biden takes a 100th day in office victory lap by attending a drive-in car rally this evening, metro Atlanta small businesses are suffering from the $100 million blow of losing the MLB All-Star Game due to misinformation about state voting rights spread by the president himself. Biden must explain himself to metro area small businesses about why he lied about Georgia’s voting legislation that makes it easy to vote but hard to cheat, using inflammatory rhetoric such as calling it worse than Jim Crow. Biden and his Democrat allies like Stacey Abrams cost state small business owners countless dollars in lost tourism revenue. No patronizing PR stunt at a car rally will make up for that. If Biden truly wanted to do right by local small businesses, he’d demand that the MLB bring back the game to Atlanta.

Last night, Biden announced massive new tax hikes on job creators as part of his ongoing war on small businesses. If enacted, these would further devastate small businesses in the state and across the country and destroy the economic recovery. As a consummate politician, Biden is pretending to be a friend of Georgia small businesses by attending events like this car rally, but his policy actions speak louder than tonight’s folksy teleprompter words.