Press ReleaseMarch 9, 2023

Biden Budget Would Punish Small Business Job Creators Needed to Spur Economic Growth

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement on President Biden’s budget announced today:

“President Biden engaged in two years of reckless spending, and now he’s sticking small businesses and middle-class Americans with the tab in the form of dramatic proposed tax increases in his budget. These are not tax hikes on the ‘super-wealthy,’ as the President repeatedly claims. They are painful new expenses for regular small businesses and families at the worst possible time. Meanwhile, his budget would double down on expensive government programs that disincentivize work and spur inflation. The only way to meaningfully improve the nation’s fiscal situation is through pro-growth policies, not punishing tax hikes. Fortunately for the country, Biden’s bad budget is dead-on-arrival in the House of Representatives.”