April Jobs: Too Little, Too Slow

"Nothing Changed Since I Started Home Depot?"
Press ReleaseMay 3, 2013

Please attribute this quotation to Bernie Marcus, co-founder and former CEO of Home Dept and co-founder of the Job Creators Alliance.

“Any time jobs are created it is good news, yet we are still a long way from recovering the almost 9 million jobs we lost following the recession. Nearly 12 million Americans are unemployed and looking for work. Almost one million more have simply given up and labor participation has been below 64 percent for 16 straight months.

That’s the longest stretch since 1979. It’s hard for me to believe that we’re back to the same small percentage of Americans working as when I started Home Depot 35 years ago.

This is not enough job growth, proving the American recovery is still just inching forward. Our economy must grow at a pace to meet the expectations of millions of unemployed workers, not just to beat the low expectations of analysts by a hair.

The numbers show that substantially all of April’s job growth was in the private sector, proving small business owners are doing their part to mount a recovery. We want to do more, and hire more. The biggest drag on creating jobs is the new health care law: business owners are confused, concerned and halting investment and hiring until the most expensive details of the law emerge in the months ahead.

The small business owners of the Job Creators Alliance believe robust economic growth and full employment requires pro-growth policies that encourage innovation, investment and job creation.”