Press ReleaseMay 7, 2021


Today, President Biden deflected blame for a weak jobs report at a press event.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN) released the following statement:

“When President Biden says another outrageously expensive stimulus bill is needed to get the economy back to where we were, I have to use his own term and call it malarky. We do not need to spend $1.9 trillion to get us back to our pre-covid boom. We simply need to reopen the economy and get our kids back into the classroom. The policies of the previous administration have proven to be successful at getting people back to work and raising wages. President Biden also claimed people are struggling to find work—that may be true in the West Wing, but on Main Street, they are struggling to find workers. Our small business owners say they can’t find qualified workers because the unnecessary additional unemployment benefits are incentivizing people to stay at home and parents who want to get to work can’t because their kids still aren’t in schools. President Biden should take that to heart, reverse course, and stop his ‘war on small business.’”

Today, Mr. Ortiz and Steve Moore, co-founder of the Committe to Unleash Prosperity, released a joint statement about the April jobs report. To read it, click here.