Blog PostDecember 19, 2012

Poll: Most Americans believe in the American Dream

Majority still see America as land of opportunity, not a welfare state.

In a post-election poll, 52% of Americans still self-identify themselves as fiscally conservative versus only 17% who say they are fiscally liberal.

When given the choice between two views of what America ought to be, 63% still believe in a limited role for government while only 29% support the more socialized view of guaranteed, cradle-to-grave government. A Rasmussen poll done last week indicated 73% of American’s want the Federal government to cut spending.

In short, Americans believe in the economic opportunity of free enterprise not a care-taker state.

To the business point, 59% of voters say they “generally agree” with their employer’s point of view on public policy issues. The highest it has ever been.

Another 55% want their employer to provide them information on policies and candidates. That is also the highest it has ever been. And among both majorities, those under 30 responded even more favorably. Well-delivered employer economic messages also appeal to minorities and women.

Sadly, only 12% of voters actually heard from their employer, compared to 30% who heard from organized labor. For labor, that was the highest penetration we have measured. In the passion to pursue the defeat of policies we found egregious, our side retreated to the comfort of the traditional campaign. And we lost.