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Appeared in Daily Herald on July 19, 2022 By Nicole Wolter

Businesses Are Fleeing Illinois

Appeared in The Hill on July 18, 2022 By Alfredo Ortiz

Democrats’ bad policies are responsible for today’s historic inflation

Appeared in Daily Caller on July 8, 2022 By Alfredo Ortiz

Biden Administration Can’t Spin Jobs Numbers To Deny Recession

Appeared in OC Register on June 11, 2022 By Elaine Parker

Naturally rising wages are welcome, but government mandated hikes are not

Appeared in The Washington Times on June 8, 2022 By Elaine Parker

Midterm time bomb reveals the folly of Obamacare

Appeared in RealClearPolicy on May 20, 2022 By Alfredo Ortiz

Coverage of One Million Covid Deaths Must Include the Pandemic of Bad State Responses

Appeared in Array on May 6, 2022 By Alfredo Ortiz

ORTIZ: The Bill Has Arrived For Democrats’ Free Lunch

Appeared in Array on May 2, 2022 By Alfredo Ortiz

Specter of stagflation arrives for National Small Business Week

Appeared in Array on April 18, 2022 By Alfredo Ortiz

Protect Taxpayers and the Economy by Making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanent