Op-EdAppeared in The Baltimore Sun on June 15, 2020By Corina Morga

Let the PPP be a lifeline for minority-owned small businesses

Across the nation, the coronavirus pandemic left businesses struggling to keep their doors open. As a small business owner, I saw firsthand how the economic downturn disproportionately affected minority communities and businesses alike.
After the initial outbreak, my construction-service company, C.R. Services, suffered a 70% decline in revenue. Like most, I was forced to cut overhead and operations until we could find a way to pivot. Thankfully, with the assistance of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), we were given a new lease on life.

From there, we expanded into the D.C. market and welcomed the challenge of disinfecting city buildings and federally operated office spaces that were exposed to COVID-19. This move sparked a jump in business, and now we’re on track to have our best year yet.

As seen by data, minority communities have been affected the most by the pandemic. And with current tensions high in our communities, we need a resurgence of hope. I believe growing the small business community is the answer.

The second round of PPP loans ignited the fuel needed for small businesses to reactivate our economy. The federal government opened the door for us to band together and save our businesses and the communities we live in. I am indebted to the administration and hope we can all reach success.