Blog PostJuly 23, 2014

Keeping Faith with the Idea of America

Singer Bono praises the American spirit

Recent polls would have us believe it is impossible to achieve the American Dream anymore.

One of the world’s top celebrities would beg to differ. Irish singer Bono recently spoke at Georgetown University and lavished praise on our country. Among his remarks, “”America has constantly been on the side of what’s right.”

When he lauds the “Idea of America” and his admiration that “this country was the first to claw its way out of darkness and put that on paper,” he knows what he’s talking about.

Bono is no run-of-the-mill rock star. He is also a global activist, venture capitalist, businessman and philanthropist who has journeyed and worked around the world to bring attention and help to the world’s poorest people.

And he understands that from the dawn of our nation, Americans realized the freedom to work hard, earn a living and exercise our “can do” spirit would pay off in greatness.

This spirit is still present, but bruised. We are at a time in our country in which many government policies have created barriers to economic freedom. High taxes and burdensome regulations greatly add to the cost of doing business and in turn, American families struggle to pay their bills. Eager entrepreneurs who wish to launch exciting new business ventures are hesitant.

But perhaps those polls regarding the American Dream wouldn’t be so dismal if more people recognize the United States as Bono does, and join his chorus of the “American Idea.”

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