It’s Time for the Economy to Reopen!

The U.S. economy has been on lockdown for months to mitigate the health effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Even with federal relief through the Paycheck Protection Program, businesses and workers are taking a beating. Businesses that have operated for years are being forced to permanently close down and over 40 million workers have been laid-off to-date.

It’s time we reopen the economy and allow our businesses to resume operations.

Entrepreneurs should lead the way. After state and local governments, in accordance with health and safety guidelines, give the green light to reopen, small business owners are best positioned to decide how to reopen. Every business and industry is different. Protocols that work for restaurants might not work for the local flower shop or golf course.

Just a few months ago, small businesses were booming and the economy was white-hot. The sooner we return to that position, the better. It’s time to hang the “We’re Open” sign on America.