Blog PostJanuary 22, 2015

Full-Time Push: JCN CEO Andy Puzder Testifies Before U.S. Senate Committee

One provision of the federal health law is that employers must treat workers who work 30 hours per week as full time, rather than the traditional 40 hours.

CKE Restaurants CEO and Job Creators Network member Andy Puzder testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on Jan. 22.

The hearing was to examine job-based health insurance and define full-time work. At issue is a bill that would restore the American full-time work week to 40 hours, rather than the 30 as mandated in the Affordable Care Act.

This testimony follows a recent statement in which Puzder expressed hope the Senate will follow the House in passing the measure:

“Employees want the flexibility to put more money in their pockets by working more hours and in a commendable act of bipartisanship, the House has acted to protect their interests,” said JCN member Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Hardees, Carl’s Jr. and other restaurant chains. “Job creators are hopeful the Senate will move swiftly to send a bipartisan bill to the President which will send a clear message to employees that Washington will no longer put political gridlock ahead of workers’ economic well-being.”

Full video of the hearing can be seen here.