Bring Small Businesses Back Tour-Orlando

EventApr 07, 2016Orlando

Job Creators Network hosted an animated event in Orlando to launch our Bring Small Businesses Back Tour. According to a recent study conducted by JCN, small businesses are facing a tough road ahead. Through overtaxation, overregulation, and lack of access to credit or capital, many small business owners are struggling to maintain and grow their businesses. In fact, only 1 in every 5 small business owners plans to hire additional employees during 2016.

The event in Orlando was designed to bring awareness to this problem, and to find solutions for a better future. A panel of small business leaders hosted by Mike Gallagher discussed the effect government policies have had on their lives, our CEO Alfredo Ortiz discussed how JCN is working to battle these growing problems, and world renowned pollster Frank Luntz gave attendees the tools to change their own futures through an invigorating presentation on employer to employee communication.

With nearly 150 small business owners in attendance, this kick-off event set the tone for a massively successful tour.

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