Sue Kenfield

  • Title: President and Founder, See It Thrive, LLC
  • Industry: Consulting
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Sue Kenfield is President and Founder of See It Thrive, LLC, a consulting firm founded in 2008 providing human capital consulting, coaching and training services. Sue is best known for focusing on the essential skills critical for business and individual success. She specializes in strengthening leadership and transforming complex human dynamics within organizations, communities and with individuals. She empowers people and organizations to maximize their success by improving leadership, communication skills, team dynamics, and emotional/behavioral intelligence skills. Her clients span across industry as she pursues her passion of empowering human ability and human flourishing. Sue helps leaders excel by elevating their skills to effectively deal with challenging human dynamics improving the performance of organizations, teams, and individuals.

Prior to founding See It Thrive, Sue spent 20 years in the corporate setting in management, training, strategic planning, business development and coaching. She was awarded the 2015 Leader of Involvement Award and serves on several boards.

Sue is a member of the Job Creators Network National Women’s Coalition.