Fran Tarkenton

  • Title: Founder & CEO,
  • Industry: Small Business Consulting Services
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Atlanta-based entrepreneur who has launched more than 20 successful small businesses over the last 25 years, the largest reaching revenues of $142 million.

His most recent endeavor, offers free resources, educational content, coaching webcasts, tools and services for small business.

Founder and CEO of, a leading small business portal and consulting service provider.

Founder and CEO of, which provides a suite of cloud-based productivity applications for small business.

Chairman of Tarkenton Financial, which focuses on insurance based retirement planning.

Hosts his own Sirius radio show, cleverly named: “The Fran Tarkenton Show”

Founding board member of Coca-Cola Enterprises, and served on the board of directors of Sterling Software and Blimpie International.

Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings and Collegiate Hall of Fame All-American athlete at the University of Georgia.

Small business is where job growth comes from. But new data shows that bank loans to small businesses are at their lowest level since 1999. Lots of politicians are paying lip service to entrepreneurs, but the data shows that what we’re doing now isn’t working.