Blog PostAugust 24, 2015

JCN CEO in in the News – Andy Puzder

CKE Restaurants CEO and JCN member Andy Puzder talks market swings, good burgers, government over-regulation and job creation on Fox Business News.

Government needs to back off. That was the title and the message of the latest appearance by CKE Restaurants CEO and JCN member Andy Puzder on Fox Business News and a corresponding blog post on his own site.

Puzder and host Charles Payne touched on the recent market selloff – especially in the restaurant industry – as well as gas prices, a strong dollar and increasing numbers of people eating outside of their homes.

The bigger problem though is government regulation putting a stranglehold on economy in terms of job creation and business growth. From the federal health law to minimum wage mandates to ramped-up aggression by the National Labor Relations Board on the franchise industry, the future is uncertain for those looking to either start a business or start out in the workforce.

To read Puzder’s blog post in its entirety, click here.

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